UI vs. UX – What’s the difference?

The terms UI and UX are commonly used today to describe how a product looks and feels. They are related disciplines in design and are often used interchangeably but represent fundamentally different aspects of the design process. Both are essential components of design excellence, as a poorly designed UI will devastate a perfectly crafted UX and vice versa. Each needs to be flawlessly executed and require their own unique set of tools and skillsets. Where UI Design has a closer relation to graphic design, UX Design requires a more analytical and technical approach. 

UX Design

UX Design can be defined as creating an enjoyable interaction between a product and it’s users. This includes improving the accessibility, usability, and overall pleasure provided when interacting with a product. The key to well-executed UX design is market research and extensive analysis of competitors, customers, and overall business strategy. These parts work together to develop the product and content in a way that best fits the user. Wireframing and prototyping are important in UX design to visualize how content will be delivered. UX design quality is determined by how easy or difficult it is for a user to interact with the UI elements of a product. This means effective UX design must coordinate with development, testing, and marketing teams to verify functionality and align with pre-existing user expectations. The job of a UX Designer never really ends, as users interact with the product it must have the ability to adapt over time based on user feedback and new market observations. The ultimate goal is to have the project connect the needs of the business to the needs of the users.

UI Design

UI Design refers to the interface of a product and it’s visual elements. The goal is to make the interaction as simple as possible through appealing aesthetics. This incorporates the art of visual communication such as colors, typography, shadows, and all the aspects that create a visibly stunning and beautiful product. UI Design includes the buttons, images, icons, text, input fields, sliders, layout, transitions, animations, and any other visible elements the user interacts with to stimulate virtual action. 

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