MedTech Software Solutions

We provide easy-to-use and comprehensive Med tech solutions to medical devices, designing software and integrations, that reduces your time to market for any medical device. Primarily a software development company, Kromeon also works as a specialized Medical device Software Company, thanks to our worthy team of highly experienced engineers and developers.

Medical Device Software and System Development

As a professional Medtech Company, we are conscientious about our work which includes:

Needs assessment & specifications
It begins with a need elicitation, where we discuss your needs and develop specifications per the requirement.

Architecture design
Architectures are designed keeping in mind reliability and scalability. Be it N-tier or SOA, we ensure confusability and high encapsulation of modules to make it easier to add new features.

UI Design
UI is designed keeping in mind the ease of use, based on user scenarios and comprehensive research.

Software Coding
Cross-platform development in one go, with complete documentation to fulfill legal requirements such as HIPAA compliance and FDA registration etc.

Extensive testing is done before handing over the product so that you don’t waste time testing yourself.

Installation and integration with the device
We also take care of software integration with EHR, ADT or other platforms.