The Middle


iOS, Android, and Administrator Dashboard


Health and Social Care

Business Challenge

Working parents and multi-family households struggle to be informed of their children’s daily social activities and whereabouts. Common concerns are often difficult to solve, e.g., if a 12 year old daughter is studying at a classmate’s house after school, how is she getting there, and how is she getting home? The results are overwhelmed parents with troubled consciences. Current approaches are time intensive and manual such obtaining the phone number of the child parent, their address, and other special considerations such as allergies.

Kromeon Solution

The Middle mobile application is the answer to navigating the challenges of parenting in today’s fast paced world and technology. The solution is the perfect balance between great parenting and healthy childhoods.

Key Features

  • Create, share, and plan activities in a calendar
  • Connect with other users such as parents in the neighborhood
  • View questionnaires completed by other parents of their parenting preferences and styles
  • Transfer money to cover the gas for a trip or pizza during a study session
  • Receive alerts of upcoming events and communicate with invited guests


  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP
  • Java

Project Scope

  • Frontend application development
  • Backend administrator dashboard
  • Mobile application

Contract Type

Dedicated development team including design, quality assurance, and product management.


4 months