Phillips 66 Custom CMS and Mobile App


Custom Content Management System (CMS)


Retail Automotive Fuels

Business Challenge

The customer needed to manage company campaigns across hundreds of stores nationwide and provide chief-level executives with a robust dashboard that automates sets of key performance indicators.

Kromeon Solution

Customized frontend user interface for campaign managers to oversee loyalty programs, launch various campaigns, and generate dashboards for upper management.

Kromeon Portfolio item

Key Features

  • Ability to analyze, collect, and engage with customer data throughout lifecycle

Kromeon Portfolio item

  • Capability to review and redeem customer rewards

Kromeon Portfolio item

  • Effectively produce consolidated location reporting metrics on customer engagement, points, and loyalty members

Kromeon Portfolio item

  • Utilize frequency caps, usage restrictions, and inventory caps to define and restrict offer redemptions and offer purchases

Kromeon Portfolio item

  • Creative content platform with copy and images enables users to define offers

Kromeon Portfolio item


  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Amazon S3 Server

Project Scope

  • Frontend application development
  • Partial backend development with NodeJS and PHP
  • Mobile application

Contract Type

Dedicated development team including design, quality assurance, and product management.


5.5 months