One Life


Mobile Application: iOS


Diet, Lifestyle, and Health

Business Challenge

One Life Diet application required product updates; search capabilities, user profile features, designs to enhanced both the user interface and experience, and an overall update to existing features.

Kromeon Solution

The updated application incorporated all the new features. Not only was a better user experience developed, but the new features added were integrated seamlessly. The user profile feature was a great addition to the app as it added personalization. Moreover, the weight tracking system and weight graph were also vastly improved.

Key Features

  • Track block consumption in a daily journal
  • Monitor dashboard to view overall progress
  • Track daily, weekly, and monthly progress overtime using weight graph
  • Share and connect weekly diet and weight progress with medical professionals


  • Native iOS
  • Amazon S3 server

Project Scope

  • Frontend application development
  • Mobile application

Contract Type

Dedicated development team including design, quality assurance, product management, and project management.


9 months