Journey Transportation Platform & Mobile App


SaaS Platform, Mobile Application: iOS and Android



Business Challenge

The customer needed to reduce the budget associated with transport costs and logistics, enable employees to view and schedule daily transports, and manage bid requests from external transportation companies for assisted care facilities.

Kromeon Solution

Built front-end user interface for assisted living facilities and organizations. Additionally, created a mobile application for internal transport drivers and lower-access users.

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Key Features

  • Ability to review transportation budget month-to-date
  • Effectively manage and schedule appointments

Kromeon Portfolio item

  • Easily manage bid requests

Kromeon Portfolio item

  • Edit and manage daily schedule on your desktop

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  • View daily schedule on a mobile application (iOS and Android)

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  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • NodeJS
  • Amazon S3 Server

Project Scope

  • Frontend application development
  • Partial backend development with NodeJS
  • Mobile application

Contract Type

Dedicated development team including design, quality assurance, and product management


6 months