Fanathon Mobile App


iOS and Android



Business Challenge

Fanathon wanted to create a fantasy sports-style user experience for television series and award shows.  The app needed to be fun and easy-to-use to increase user adoption and user retention. Joining a league was critical for app stickiness and overall success.

Kromeon Solution

Kromeon analyzed and tested the user flow to ensure each user viewed and used the most valuable feature of the product within in milliseconds of opening the app. The solution also included a simple tool for the Administrator create special leagues and deliver announcement to generate interested users.

Kromeon Portfolio item

Key Features

  • Create a league to start a new pool
  • Join a league to submit your ballot
  • View results for a league and all-time
  • Invite others to join the league and download the mobile application


  • React Native Mobile Application
  • AWS

Project Scope

  • Frontend application development
  • Design and build mobile application
  • Support product launch

Contract Type

Dedicated development team including design, quality assurance, and product management.


3 months